Innovative – Forward Thinking – Entrepreneurial – Environmentally friendly

Publishing as it should be…

Scorpius Books is an independent and dynamic fiction publisher with one very important belief: great literature is for everyone. We believe a story should be available to all, and we produce dyslexia-friendly versions of all the books we publish, for any age.

Established in 2020, the Essex-based publishing company strongly believes that their authors should be treated as individuals rather than clients or simple numbers on a balance sheet. They promise to extend to all their authors the necessary respect and courtesy, no matter their experience. They believe in nuturing an individual’s creativity; it can often take years to finish a manuscript and Scorpius Books applauds this effort, giving every author the chance to realise their dream.

Scorpius Books brings together their extensive backgrounds in editing and design, giving each book the time it deserves to ensure it is well written, well edited, well designed and well produced. They are a traditional publisher who offer fair royalties and never ask for a penny from their authors in bringing a book to market.

Because Scorpius Books believes in reducing the environmental impact of the publishing industry, it takes full advantage of modern printing technology and print their titles via print-on-demand services. They have commited to reducing their office paper usage by 90% by the end of 2022, only accept submissions via email and aim to plant trees to compensate for the publishing industry’s impact on the environment.

They promise to keep their submissions policy wide open to all. For more information, please see the submissions page.