A few snippits of news from Scorpius towers this week, with our eyes firmly fixed on our upcoming titles over the next few months:

Filled with delays as it has been, Dark Child is now on its way! I know, I know, we’ve said that before, but this time the bumpy road seems to be firmly behind us and we’re full steam ahead. Dark Child is the final book in the Dark Trilogy by J.M. Rankin. Full of twists and revelations, it concludes the dark tale of obsession and betrayal set across five centuries. Twilight it certainly isn’t!

Our second piece of news is the brand new re-release of The Boffee Bears series, a beautifully illustrated collection of children’s books following the adventures of three teddy bears without owners, their antics laughable, cheeky and often heart-warming. Scorpius Books is proud to have secured the rights to publish these lost treasures, out of print since the early 90s. The first book in the series will be due for publication in April, with the second one following on in May.

Keep an eye out for these and more over the next few months!