Phew… the school holidays are done, checked off the list of things to do (or not to do in my case where all things book-related fell by the wayside amidst days out and calls of ‘I’m bored!’) and I am now back at my desk for essentially the first time since July!

However, whilst actual book ‘work’ has taken a back seat, there have been other things going on behind the scenes here at Scorpius Towers, two of which are moving along quite nicely:

Dark Child, after various delays out of my control, is now finished and moving onto the editing stage (again), so a release date is getting ever-nearer… I will announce that when I’m a little more certain it won’t be missed! The last of the Dark Trilogy, it has been pretty challenging getting it from its original first draft (that was penned several years ago) to the version of it now and my notes and chapter guide are barely readable under all the extra scribbles, crossing out and comments, but somehow I found my way through!

The second piece of (very exciting) news is the acquisition by Scorpius of a group of children’s books that were first published back in the 1980s. When my daughter also fell in love with them, I spent nearly a year trying to track down the original creators, and now these six books will soon be re-created and re-branded for a new lease of life. Naturally there are still a few things to be sorted out etc, so no names can be given at this time but it’s fair to say that I am extremely proud to be publishing these gems from my childhood and will post an update very soon!