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In need of a tasty treat

It’s been an odd week, more than likely because the routine was thrown out of the window due to attending the British Book Awards on Monday and travelling home Tuesday. It’s meant things have had to be juggled about a… Continue Reading →

The Monopoly on incompetence!

There are many awkward and antiquated things in the book industry, from product classification to the enormous size of hardbacks (apart from ours, of course!), but nothing, and I repeat, nothing, comes close to the incompetence of Amazon when it… Continue Reading →

It’s nearly time…

In February, I will be attending the annual Small Business Sunday (SBS) event and I can’t wait (read, extremely nervous!). You may have seen that we were chosen as winners to enter this network set up by the amazing Theo… Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Aaand we’re back! We had a nice little break from the office this (last?) year, which has been unheard of in previous years, and I feel quite refreshed (if not a little groggy from far too many choocies and party… Continue Reading →

Psst…Did you hear…?

We had two huge bits of news at Scorpius Towers last week and we are too excited for words about the next few months: Thunderbirds are blasting off to Scorpius Books! Yes, the hit 60s (and 90s and beyond!) TV… Continue Reading →

Have you fallen into the Thread-verse yet?…

It’s the latest big news as the tension between Musk and Zuckerberg heats up. Have you joined Threads yet? We never made it to Twitter – mainly because it just didn’t seem the place for us with all the negativity… Continue Reading →

Three years and counting…

Due to a cold, I was out of the office recently, which meant I missed our birthday… Yes, ladies and gentleman, Scorpius Books turned 3 at the start of June,

The hardback conundrum… love them or hate them?

Our latest article is now live on The Bookseller website, talking about all things hardback and why they’re the marmite of the book world… but do they have to be? Hardbacks still have their fans, but are publishers missing out on the opportunity to create hardbacks that readers actually want to read?

Don’t think outside the box… jump out of it!

We were the 1st trade publisher in the UK to produce dyslexic-friendly fiction for adults (there’s many indie authors out there doing it already which is brilliant! ).

I don’t say that we’re the 1st to show off or to wave my hands in the air saying ‘look at me!’, but to highlight the issue that publishing has a very long way to go to be truly inclusive and accessible.

I’ll never throw this away…

It’s funny the things we keep hold of, isn’t it? After a little chat with an author in a social media group I’m part of, where she mentioned an English teacher who inspired her to keep going, I remembered an… Continue Reading →

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