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Oh what a beautiful morning…

Is the sun shining where you are this morning? There’s still a chill in the air but the sun is out and that always makes everything feel better. I know it cheers me up after the endless days of greyness… Continue Reading →

I feel a freebie coming on…

Our books finally turned up! We’re now offering one lucky reader a chance at a freebie copy of the dyslexic-friendly zombie apocalypse thriller IN THE END.

Snow, sleet and sludge…

It’s been one of those weeks! Up to my eyeballs in planning for the remainder of the year, plotting strategies for books to be published, marketing, updates to websites, a million and one pieces of paperwork… I’ve been fuelled by coffee and choccie biccies!

Dare I say the C word?

The pavements have suddenly become carpeted with conkers where I live (among the slushy leaves and crushed acorns), which can only mean one thing… Christmas is on its way! Eeek!

Some thoughts and tips…

I was pondering this over the weekend so thought I’d post it for no other reason than it may help someone. Here, for what it’s worth, are some tips for brand new book publishers or booksellers…


Phew, that’s Marketing Week over and done for another month! I think I’ve drunk enough coffee to sink a ship!

Submissions Update

This post is to thank all those authors who so kindly think of Scorpius Books when looking for a publisher to submit to. We have to apologise…


Well I wasn’t expecting that! I’ve been invited to speak at the Bookseller’s Futurebook conference in November about our dyslexic-friendly books!

Reviews are out there…!

Darkness Forbidden has picked up some fine reviews over the last couple of months (of course, we would say that, but hey: judge for yourselves…):

Uses for a teddy bear #30

Maybe we should branch out into book holders… hmm. Is there a need for such a thing?

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