…This is one of our favourite things. Retribution Darkened arrived from our new printers this morning after a painful process of removing it from the system of our old ‘they who shall not be named’ printers, who, quite frankly, were awful! Already available from Waterstones, Amazon and other online and bricks and mortar stores, Retribution Darkened is the must-read 2nd book in the Dark Intentions Trilogy. We’ve got some great promotions for it coming soon too: check back in the next few weeks for details!

From the blurb: “It started as a cruel game, the promise of illicit blood too much for Alex Demeter to resist. But now he’s in too deep. It wasn’t suppposed to go this far. Desperate to hide the truth of his past, Alex continues to fight against his sister’s terrifying control, with devastating results. The stakes have suddenly become dangerously high as Alex begins to realise just how far his sister is willing to go to keep him by her side…”