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Happy New Year!

Well, we’re back in the office and raring to go! There’s something refreshing about a new year and a new start – I’m not one for resolutions (does anyone keep those beyond two weeks?), but I do like to set goals and work towards them (which hasn’t been easy during a pandemic!), so here’s hoping 2022 helps me meet a few more of these:

Aaannd we’re back…!

Phew, what with lockdowns and school holidays, we were a little MIA for a while there! Did you miss us? 

We’re expanding!…

We’ve recently set up a new store on Click it Local, a great online resource that brings the high street to you!

Exciting times…!

It’s official… they’re nearly here! Our next two titles are due for release over the next couple of weeks and we can’t wait to release them out into the world!

Now in stock…

Yippee! We are now being stocked by The Great British Bookshop, a lovely online bookstore where you can now find our dyslexia-friendly titles, with more to follow.

Well, it’s official…

I’ve fallen out with Amazon! 

I don’t think it’s hard to tell the difference between an ebook, a paperback and a large-print (dyslexia-friendly) paperback. They all look different, different sizes, etc. The dyslexia edition has a huge sticker on the front stating what it is. Waterstones and other bookstores have managed to tell the editions apart and list them successfully… so what is it that Amazon finds so tricky to fathom?

Doing things differently…

A huge thank you to for featuring our guest article on our dyslexia-friendly titles. This amazing site for writers and readers is a veritable font of knowledge for anyone interested in books from any angle… You can read our little interview here:

I’m close to falling out with Amazon…

It’s not too hard to understand, is it? They’ve mixed up the paperback versions (regular and dyslexia-friendly) and listed the dyslexia edition as our regular paperback, so technically that’s the wrong listing. They’ve also somehow managed to delete all our hard-earned reviews for the Kindle edition.

Can I open just one…?

We had a nice delivery from the printers yesterday of Darkness Forbidden paperback and dyslexia editions… it was like Christmas had come early!

We’re doing what…?

Here at Scorpius we never do things by halves, which is probably why we committed at the start to publish 15 titles in our first year… eeek!! We must have been mad!

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