Which is why we’re passionate about helping people who have dyslexia to access the joy of good fiction. We made a promise when starting Scorpius Books to produce versions of all our titles that are dyslexia-friendly, especially for adults, where there is a hefty hole in the publishing industry when it comes to providing great fiction for those who find regular trade novels tricky to read.

We’re passionate about helping people who have dyslexia, or have any difficulty with reading, to access the joy of good fiction.

The NHS estimates that up to 1 in every 10 people in the UK have some form of dyslexia, while other dyslexic organisations believe 1 in 5 and more than 2 million people in the UK are severely affected. Dyslexia does not stop someone from achieving. There are many dyslexic people who are successful; famous actors, such as Orlando Bloom and entrepreneurs like Theo Paphitis, for example.

With dyslexia in the family, it was easy to see the failure of the industry to bridge the gap between those who want to read but simply can’t due to non-dyslexic-friendly fonts and layouts. It’s an entire demographic that’s been ignored for far too long.

So Scorpius Books simply seeks to remedy that!

Our first two titles, Darkness Forbidden and Retribution Darkened, will be released in a special dyslexic-friendly format at the end of the month and are now available to pre-order through our website, www.scorpiusbooks.com/shop

These special editons feature dyslexic-friendly fonts, improved layout, page colour and spacing to help those who find regular text tricky to decipher:

We are very aware that every dyslexic reader is different and so we’re keen to get feedback on our formatting. If you’re a dyslexic reader, or struggle with reading, we’d love to hear your thoughts…