Well, we’re back in the office and raring to go! There’s something refreshing about a new year and a new start – I’m not one for resolutions (does anyone keep those beyond two weeks?), but I do like to set goals and work towards them (which hasn’t been easy during a pandemic!), so here’s hoping 2022 helps me meet a few more of these:

  • Post more to the blog and social media (and more frequently) – I’ve been sooo inconsistent with this so HUGE room for improvement there!
  • Publish at least 10 titles in 2022 – 7 are already in the works so I’ll keep you updated on this!
  • Get more exposure for our dyslexia titles (although the reception so far has been AMAZING!)
  • Set up our book subscription service (it’s on it’s way soon!)
  • Set up our Book Rescue scheme (again, this is coming really soon as part of our pledge to be more environmentally friendly).
  • Partner up with charities to plant trees on our behalf (for the same reasons as above)
  • Get our books stocked in more bricks & mortar stores (this was hard during the pandemic where so many retailers were reluctant to take a punt on new publishers).

Phew… trust me, there’s more but I think I’ll leave that there for now! It will be fun to check in over the next few months and see how we’re getting on!

Do you have any goals you’re currently working towards (or did you make the dreaded resolutions? Are you sticking with it so far?)