It’s the latest big news as the tension between Musk and Zuckerberg heats up.

Have you joined Threads yet?

We never made it to Twitter – mainly because it just didn’t seem the place for us with all the negativity and dullness of it all.

I decided we’d give Threads a go as we are already on Insta, so it was a super easy set-up (took less than two minutes!), and so far we’ve been pretty impressed. Yes, it’s new and yes, I’m sure things will change incredibly rapidly, but so far it’s been a very positive place, full of interesting chats and it’s great to have access to new people that we may not have interacted with before because of the algorythms on the other platforms. Whether this will change in the future, who knows, although I hope not.

If you’re on there then please consider following us. As it’s more text based, we have more room to just chat away with whatever is on our mind at any given time so it makes for some pretty interesting conversations!

You can find us by joining us over on Threads at

See you over there!