At Scorpius Books, we handle every part of the publishing process itself from beginning to end. As such, we have access to a wide range of skills and expertise, from editing to design. If you or your company are interested in working with us, simply send us an email and let us know your requirements.
For specific information about what services we can offer, and details of our relevant experience, please consult the list below:
Cover Design
Scorpius Books is committed to the very highest standards of design. Our aim is to make each book we publish the most attractive on the shelf. Our design process ensures each cover is a perfect match for the work it contains. We are confident we could work with you and surpass your expectations, at highly competitive rates, so email us to let us know your design needs.
Typesetting / formatting
Typesetting is frequently listed as a sub-division of design, or considered as simply a mechanical process which must take place before a book can be published. Not at Scorpius Books, however! We honestly feel the setting of type is an art form in its own right, that the layout of words on a page can make the difference between an enjoyable book and a tiresome disappointment. We have also produced several magazines and leaflets, and would be willing to consider any work you needed doing. Email us and let us know what you have in mind.
Editing / Proof-reading
An essential part of the publishing process, and not something we take lightly. With over ten years’ experience as fiction editors, we do all our editing and proof-reading in-house to the highest academic standard. If you’re preparing an essay, or self-publishing some work of your own, we will proof-read for our flat rate of 1p per word (based on an edited manuscript), and/or serve as consultant editors for a negotiable fee. Get in touch.
Virtual Administration
Perhaps a slight deviation from the usual publishing business, we have nonetheless been employed to assist those organisations who lack the time or the staff to do these tasks themselves. With over ten years experience and qualified in Business Administration, clients have been delighted with our assistance. If you’d like to employ us in this capacity, please email us and let us know what needs doing. We charge a highly reasonable flat rate of £10 per hour for work falling under this category.

That’s all our usual activities covered, but if you can think of any other ways Scorpius Books could help you out, you know what to do. Combining any of the services above (or that you have yet to invent for us) will result in sizeable discounts, making hiring Scorpius Books a far more cost-effective option than looking for individual freelancers. We have the skills – make use of them!