It’s not too hard to understand, is it? They’ve mixed up the paperback versions (regular and dyslexia-friendly) and listed the dyslexia edition as our regular paperback, so technically that’s the wrong listing. They’ve also somehow managed to delete all our hard-earned reviews for the Kindle edition.

I’ve had numerous conversations Amazon themselves, but as we don’t supply direct to them, they say it’s not down to them. 

Deep breath.

Okay, so I approach our distributor, who insist that all the metadata (information) they send to Amazon for our titles is correct so there shouldn’t be any issues. I’ve checked, and they’re right.

They kindly agreed to discuss the matter with Amazon. Amazon have then kindly agreed to sort the problem within 42 hours.

Guess what?

A week later and it still isn’t sorted!

So now no one can order our paperback version, and no one can see the previous reviews ( 4 and 5 stars) that we’ve received for the title.

Given the current lockdown, the struggle with getting our titles out there as most bookstores are closed and won’t take on new stock, the constant battle of homeschooling and the usual daily stresses, I’m getting close to pulling the plug on good ol’ Amazon.

And count to ten… find a happy place…