Hi Scorpius Followers. Are you all keeping safe and well in these crazy times we’ve found ourselves in? Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all those key workers out there (hubby included) who have kept this country running during an unprecedented time – you are all amazing!

There was a large time out here at Scorpius Books for some time during the Covid-19 crisis as we coped with the huge change to our daily lives and the impact of the event, namely having family members who came down with the virus, which was incredibly scary to say the least and showed us first hand how dangerous this illness could be. Thankfully, those family members pulled through and are now much better, but our hearts go out to all those who were not so lucky. We hear daily of the numbers of those who’ve died and in the world of statistics, it’s important to remember that these reflect actual people who have left family behind to grieve.

Behind the scenes here (and amongst the minefield that is home-schooling) we’ve continued to develop our list for the coming year, tinkering with cover designs and changing set ups.

This week we launched our free monthly newsletter that will keep subscribers up to date with our releases, author news, random musings and also offers a 10% discount on all titles.

We are also preparing for the launch of our next title, the Boffee Bears, the first of 6 children’s books that we acquired the rights to last year. We had hoped to have this title out at the beginning of April, but with everything that happened, we made the decision to put the date back a few weeks. This will now be released next week and we can’t wait to release these little treasures out into the world!

We will also be releasing all of our current titles in a dyslexia-friendly format (yes, for adults, too) over the next couple of months. This is one of Scorpius Books’ main quests, ensuring that our titles can be read and enjoyed by everyone, especially where there are currently very few options out there for adults who have struggled with dyslexia – it’s an issue we aim to rectify!