This post is to thank all those authors who so kindly think of Scorpius Books when looking for a publisher to submit to. We have to apologise at the moment as we have quite a large submission list to tackle and are trying our best to get through them as quickly as we can.

We pride ourselves on keeping our submission door wide open all the time, and that isn’t about to change – we just hope all those who are currently waiting on a response from us accept our apology – we will get back to you as soon as we can. It’s heartbreaking because we’re pretty sure that in that long list of submissions are one or two (or more) hidden gems. I just hope we can get to them before the authors give up… so again, a huge apology for it taking so long.

You wouldn’t believe how much work a publisher has to do… given that we don’t write the books, physically distribute them or run the shops that sell them. If you’re interested, the greatest drains on our time are cover design, editing, rights and permissions, proofreading, typesetting, marketing and sales (so much activity can be condensed into these two words!), data maintenance, image manipulation (that sounds bad, doesn’t it), printer management and all the dancing that needs doing when a book comes back from the printer/sells well/gets a good review.