We always welcome unsolicited manuscripts. Our dedicated team have a real passion for working closely with our authors to create the very best books, involving them in every step of the process.

Before submitting, however, please read the guidelines below carefully.

* We only accept submissions of the complete manuscript via email to manuscripts [at] scorpiusbooks.com

* Your e-mail should be titled “Scorpius Books Submission”. If your e-mail subject does not contain the words Scorpius Books Submission, it may be automatically deleted as spam.

* We DO NOT accept hard copy submissions – please consider the environment. Millions of trees are felled every year in the publishing industry unnecessarily and we’re trying our best to do our part.

* We only currently accept fiction.

* We don’t require a synopsis (I’m sure you’ll be very glad to hear that!). Having worked in the editing business for years, we’ve seen far too many ‘synopses’ that are poorly written or tell us nothing about the story. It’s easier for your writing to do the talking.

* Please be professional in your approach (not just, ‘here’s my book for publication, ta’), and include the genre of your submission.

* Please ensure your manuscript is a Word document.

* Please ensure your work has been edited. This can be by either a professional editor, a series of beta-readers, or a reading group. Please DO NOT send a first draft of a manuscript. If you haven’t put the time and energy into making your book the best it can be, why should we?

* Please include your contact details on the front page of your submission (Name, address, contact number, email address).

* The format for all submissions must be:

     Justified text

     Double spaced (lines, not words!)

     Correct paragraphing (no 1st line indent and no spaces between)

     Times New Roman or Arial fonts

And there you have it.

We want to stick to our values, which are to be nice to people, to be proud of what we do, to be successful and to do things properly. We want to work with people who share these values.

If this makes sense, you’re probably the right sort of author for us. Hooray! So get that submission emailed off to us today… We look forward to hearing from you.