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Well, it’s official…

I’ve fallen out with Amazon! 

I don’t think it’s hard to tell the difference between an ebook, a paperback and a large-print (dyslexia-friendly) paperback. They all look different, different sizes, etc. The dyslexia edition has a huge sticker on the front stating what it is. Waterstones and other bookstores have managed to tell the editions apart and list them successfully… so what is it that Amazon finds so tricky to fathom?

Doing things differently…

A huge thank you to writing.ie for featuring our guest article on our dyslexia-friendly titles. This amazing site for writers and readers is a veritable font of knowledge for anyone interested in books from any angle… You can read our little interview here:

Can I open just one…?

We had a nice delivery from the printers yesterday of Darkness Forbidden paperback and dyslexia editions… it was like Christmas had come early!

Our 1st dyslexia-friendly book is here…

We’re really excited to annouce that our first title, Darkness Forbidden, has been released in a dyslexia-friendly format.

Great stories should be for everyone…

Which is why we’re passionate about helping people who have dyslexia to access the joy of good fiction. We made a promise when starting Scorpius Books to produce versions of all our titles that are dyslexia-friendly, especially for adults, where… Continue Reading →

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