I’m really excited to announce that Dark Child, the final installment of The Dark Trilogy, will be released on 30th April 2019! I’ll be posting a few little sneak peeks over the next few weeks but to start you off, here’s the blurb!

Immortal. Haunted. Betrayed.

Tormented by grief and guilt over the death of his sister, Alex Demeter finds himself haunted by her image at every turn.

She’s the faceless stranger in a crowd, her voice a whisper on the wind. Her very presence haunts his nightmares.

Questioning his sanity, he returns to the sanctuary of the family home in the desolate Carpathian Mountains, seeking solace from his torment.

But the ancient walls shelter something far more sinister than the Demeter bloodline, and what Alex discovers within leaves him to question everything he has ever known.