I’ve not been in the office much over the last couple of weeks as I was floored by a hideous cold (booo!), which meant I missed Scorpius Books’ birthday!! Yes, ladies and gentleman, we turned 3 at the start of June, which for a small press who started mid-pandemic, aimed to break most industry rules and was the 1st to create books for dyslexic adults, is actually pretty good going!

In that time we’ve published 11 titles (7 of which are dyslexic-friendly), have 6 more in the current pipeline for the next few months, have signed four new authors, have spoken openly at the Futurebook conference about our dyslexic-friendly fiction and been shortlisted for a British Dyslexia Association Award… *takes a breath*… and have many other projects in the works (we just can’t share those yet!). It’s been a pretty hectic but amazing ride so far, and we are no where near done yet!

Scorpius Books was started to make a difference… and we’ll keep pushing to do just that for the next three years and beyond, because we believe that great stories should be for everyone, and if we have to bend some rules to do that along the way, then we’re here for that!