I’ve fallen out with Amazon! 

I don’t think it’s hard to tell the difference between an ebook, a paperback and a large-print (dyslexia-friendly) paperback. They all look different, different sizes, etc. The dyslexia edition has a huge sticker on the front stating what it is. Waterstones and other bookstores have managed to tell the editions apart and list them successfully… so what is it that Amazon finds so tricky to fathom?

Despite several emails from myself and my distributor, they’ve still failed to rectify the situation. Our paperback is missing from their listing, they’ve listed the large print version as the paperback and somehow removed all our reviews that both us and the author have worked so long and hard to accumulate. 

Given the amount of money Amazon make and no doubt the increase in revenue due to lockdowns etc, you’d think someone there would have half a brain cell to be able to figure out what they’ve done wrong, considering they seem to put so much stock into customer service.

As a result, I am now in the painful process of removing our dyslexia titles from Amazon so that hopefully they can get back to what they originally had in the first place – an ebook and paperback edition at the right price and right size, etc. I won’t hold my breath about getting all our reviews back though!

If you need to grab yourself a copy of our dyslexia versions, you can still grab these from Waterstones and direct from our website.

*sigh* And today started off so well!…