Here at Scorpius we never do things by halves, which is probably why we committed at the start to publish 15 titles in our first year… eeek!! We must have been mad!

Maybe, but we’re on track and publishing as fast as our little legs (hands?) will go. So far we’ve ticked off four, with two more titles due in the next two months, including our dyslexia versions which have recieved an amazing reception – thanks everyone!

Phew… only nine more to go!

At any rate, here’s a sneak peek at what’s going on at the moment and what’s coming soon in the world of Scorpius Books… welcome, everyone, to a segment of my to do list!…

  • Darkness Forbidden, our first title, is available at 99p as an ebook across all platforms (Kindle, Apple, Kobo, etc) throughout November, so why not grab a bargain while you can?
  • The next two adventures from the Boffee Bears are currently being edited… well, I say ‘edited’, but when a story is so lovely that all you can change are the commas, it seems a bit cheaty to consider it anything more than proofing!
  • Our first Signature Collection title, Wuthering Heights, is set for release in January. These will be special hardback editions of classic stories… more on that soon!
  • Our special Book Buy-Back scheme will also launch in January. This scheme will be part of our environmental policy which will make sure no book printed is ever wasted. We’ll accept the return of your used copy of one of our books and gain a discount for a new copy of another title. This way, our books are never wasted and trees are not felled for nothing, something I’m sure we can all get behind!
  • In the first months of 2021 (are we nearly there yet?), we’ll be setting up a new subscription service which will see readers able to receive copies of books before they’re released, along with other goodies and freebies, signed editions etc. Keep watching this space!