Someone asked me how we came to be called Scorpius Books the other day and it has quite a simple answer really.

When planning the initial business, I wanted a name that a) made it clear what we did, and b) meant something to me as a person, rather than just some random name pulled from a hat.

The first one was easy. I wanted ‘Books’ at the end of whatever name I picked, rather than press, or publishing etc. It’s simple and does exactly what it says on the tin.

The 2nd one was a little tougher though. Trust me, I went through list after list, never quite finding something that sat right. Either that, or the domains etc were already taken or something too similar in name already existed.

A little while later, my daughter was born. I knew instantly I wanted something related to her to be my business name. I dabbled with favourite nursery rhymes and nicknames…

But she was a scorpio, and digging a little deeper had me realising the constellation for scorpio is actually Scorpius.

Voila! Scorpius Books was born.