Sometimes I sit here in the office, staring out the window at the horizon (I think it’s called procrastinating!), fighting against Imposter Syndrome (that little voice that asks why I’m bothering to try and build a business or that I’m failing because I’ve not made a million sales in the last month – he’s a laugh a minute he is!).

As an introvert, it’s not always easy trying to build a business and can be a strain to try and get the word out about our little press, but I try nonetheless (fuelled by tea, biscuits and inspirational music).

It’s a cliche, I know, but life truly is too damn short. These are tough times we are living in, and we should all take every opportunity, no matter who we are, to do something that makes us and others happy, whether that be our job or a hobby or volunteering, to show that humanity can be good, and clever and creative, driven by dreams and basic human values like hope, happiness and pride.

Maybe I’m having an existential crisis, who knows, but if I can make a difference, no matter how small, I’ll take that opportunity above the damn hamster wheel that only serves those who put us on it in the first place.